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We had been in lockdown for a while and boredom was starting to set in. While we were busy editing previously shot corporate shoots and a music documentary, most of our shoots had been cancelled or postponed. We were starting to get withdrawal from filmmaking so we decided to set ourselves a challenge; to make a movie in 24 hours complying with all COVID-19 government guidelines. The genre was romantic comedy.

As part of the challenge, Foley & the Champ had to separate for the day. We split into two teams of 3 with those we were currently living with. Each team comprised of one filmmaker, one musician and a vlogger. We got to work coming up with a concept for our films. My team (Conner) decided to sit down and come up with the majority of the plot before shooting. Alternatively, Alex’s team decided to get straight into the filming, improvising as they went along. These two different filmmaking styles are what makes Foley & the Champ work; we complement each other and work seamlessly together to produce unique, largely corporate films.

Throughout the day, each team had to contend with the other teams attempts at sabotage, which at times, made us feel like we would never get the films made. Through a combination of hard work and teamwork, both teams had finished shooting by the time the night came around. Then, it was up to myself and Alex to stay awake and spend the night focusing on the edit.

Morning came around and, following a night of no sleep and worrying that we wouldn’t get everything done in time, the end was in sight. We sat down with the rest of the house to premier our movies.

This was definitely a challenging project and it required utilising all of the skills we have cultivated as filmmakers. Despite shooting all day and staying up all night to edit, the final films were better than we had imagined they would be. Although there were things we would do differently if we ever had to shoot a film in 24 hours again, the challenge was an opportunity for us to refresh our filmmaking skills and really put ourselves to the test.

What challenge should Foley & the Champ complete next?

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Conner Foley & Alex Millichamp

Foley & the Champ

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