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What happens when you give an amateur a professional cinema camera, worth tens of thousands of pounds and you give a professional filmmaker just an iPhone? Here at Foley & the Champ, we set out to discover whether you really need expensive filmmaking equipment to make great content. We enlisted Conner’s girlfriend to help. Having no experience in filmmaking, she was the amateur we were looking for.

Here’s how she found the experience:

When Conner first asked me to help him film a YouTube video, I was most excited about the fact he was actually going to let me use the Red; Foley & The Champ’s prized possession. Usually reserved for corporate shoots, I had only ever seen it from a distance but I thought that having watched Conner use it, would be all the knowledge I needed to make a successful film.

When the shoot began, I was pretty confident that, having a professional cinema camera while Conner had an iPhone, would mean I was certain to produce better content. How wrong was I…

The filming experience came with its fair share of challenges, for both of us. Mine were mainly getting to grips with the multitude of equipment I needed to use while Conner struggled to find the perfect story to tell. Dragging what felt like a ton of bricks around with me in search of just one shot gave me a new found respect for what filmmakers really do. While it was a fun day in the end, I’ll certainly be leaving the filmmaking to Conner from now on.

Foley & the Champ wanted to know whether you need expensive filmmaking equipment to make great films? In my opinion, no. I learnt that having professional equipment doesn’t immediately mean you will be able to create impressive content. It takes more than that. You need a passion and desire to go out there and find a story to tell. Even more than that, you need cultivated and transferable skills that can take years to achieve.

Foley & the Champ have the skills, desire and the equipment to produce incredible films at every opportunity. So, if your business is looking for its next corporate film, look no further.

Contact us at or see our website for further details.

Conner Foley & Alex Millichamp

Foley & the Champ

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