There is something particularly evocative about a documentary. 

Seeing real people tackle some of the most stomach turning challenges life has; watching them wrestle with conflict, both outward and inward and finally seeing the victory and the sacrifices that came with it. 

In making a doc, we often see the project spanning months, even years of our lives. Their victories begin to become our victories, their struggles become ours. It's physically and emotionally taxing work, but the way we see it, in years to come, when our hands are too frail to hold a camera, the friends and stories we made through these documentaries will be the fire that warms our twilight years. 


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Much to our partners dismay, we also have a habit of creating short films for ourselves on our days off. You can see these monstrosities below or on our Youtube channel (@foleyandthechamp)


Speaking of Youtube, we practice what we preach. As we said, content is king, as a result we upload all kinds of projects to our Youtube channel to build an audience of our own and to keep our creative skills nice and sharp. 

Some of these projects have racked up tens of thousands of organic views and we hope to see that number grow exponentially in the coming year.